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We know it can be hard to find the assistance you need in our community. We want to help by providing some great resources in the Belleville area.


Translating Vision into Audio. MindsEye builds a more inclusive community by translating vision into audio for individuals who are blind or visually impaired. MindsEye’s Broadcast Information Program translates the visual world of print into audio. Newspapers, books, ads, magazines, and other printed material is not accessible to people with a visual disability.

For more information:



AGE SMART provides information on local resources for Seniors and Caregivers. They can assist with information regarding transportation, Meals on Wheels, Wellness Programs, Legal Services, Medicare/insurance options, and so much more.

For more information call 618-222-2561 or visit


Memorial Senior Counseling

Memorial Senior Counseling Services Provides group therapy, individual therapy, family therapy, coordination with patient's PCP on medication management if needed, and at least one visit per month with a psychiatrist.


For more information call 618-257-5900.


Alternative Transportation System

ATS provides curb-to-curb community service for individuals certified as American Disabilities Act (ADA) eligible, elderly service for those age 60 or older, and ambulatory in some areas. Reservations for service must be made one to five days in advance, during ATS normal business hours.


For more information visit their website at ATS - Alternative Transportation System - Southwestern Illinois College ( . 

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